Optical Blanks

MATERIAL - CVD ZnSe (Zinc Selenide)

ZnSe optics is used in high power CO2 laser systems, in medical applications, in industrial applications and thermal imaging equipment.

Crystaltechno Ltd. manufactures any standards optical blanks from CVD ZnSe material (Chemical Vapor Deposition Zinc Selenide), namely blanks of different ZnSe windows (round and rectangular), ZnSe lenses blanks (ZnSe meniscus blanks too), ZnSe prisms blanks and ZnSe wedges blanks. Besides, due to using advantages of CVD technology we produce ZnSe optical blanks with complex shape and profiled mounting grooves.

We produce optics and any optical blanks from CVD grown ZnSe laser grade material. Basic characteristics of CVD Zinc Selenide laser grade material: transparency in spectral range (0.5 - 20) microns, index of absorption 0.0005 (1/cm) at 10.6 microns, grain size (50-70) microns. Zinc Selenide optical components dimensions - (3 - 100) mm, thickness 20mm. Chemical purity of CVD-ZnSe - 99.999%.
    Crystaltechno Ltd. offers the following principal ZnSe progress directions:
  • Growth Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) CVD ingots with max size up to 270 mm x 500 mm, thickness up to 35 mm.
  • Manufacturing of the following ZnSe optics (and optical blanks too): windows (round and rectangular windows, protective windows, Brewster windows), wedges, spherical and cylindrical lenses, meniscus, right angle prisms, ATR prisms, domes or shaped to some special customers' design. These products are used for infrared systems including CO2 laser optics.
  • Evaporation Grade Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) CVD (size less than or equal to 6 mm, purity: 99.999%)
Crystaltechno Ltd. proposes the best ratio of price/quality for ZnSe optics.

Perhaps you will find the required ZnSe blanks and ZnSe optics at our stock, please see item Optical Crystals.

  Size tolerance   +/- 0.2 mm  
  Bevels   (0.2-0.5) mm x 45 °  

Diameter, mm Thickness, mm Part Number Unit price, Euro/each, laser grade
  12,7   2   B17-05   price upon request  
  25,4   3   B17-10   price upon request  
  38,1   4   B17-15   price upon request  
  50,8   4   B17-20   price upon request  
  76,2   4   B17-30   price upon request  
  101,6   4   B17-40   price upon request  

Min purchase order quantity 50 pcs. for blank dia. 12.7 mm
Min purchase order quantity 30 pcs. for blank dia. 25.4 mm
Min purchase order quantity 20 pcs. for blank dia. 38.1 mm
Min purchase order quantity 5 pcs. for blank dia. (50.8-101.6) mm

All prices are FCA Moscow. Another sizes and shapes of ZnSe blanks (plank, plate, piece, bit, disk, ingot, bar, sheet, slab) are available. Large sizes of CVD ZnSe blanks are also available per customer request.

You can see spectral transmittance of ZnSe uncoated polished windows (thickness 10 mm).

Crystaltechno Ltd. offers different optical blanks from CVD Zinc Selenide, namely: ZnSe sheets, ZnSe plates, ZnSe ingots, ZnSe pieces, ZnSe disks, ZnSe planks, ZnSe bits, ZnSe growth crystal, ZnSe raw material, ZnSe slabs, ZnSe bars, leftover, ZnSe waste, ZnSe SMTY (Sufficient Material To Yield) material or ZnSe SMTY optical blanks, ZnSe unpolished blanks)

Please contact us for ZnSe optical blanks pricing of other size, shape and precision requirements. Perhaps you will find required ZnSe blanks and ZnSe optics at our stock, please see item Optical Crystals.



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